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Here at Singing Lessons Portsmouth we think that it is important to inspire our singing students with the stories of local artists and singers who have broken through to achieve mainstream success in the music industry.

It is easy to forget that everyone, even the greats such as Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Frank Sinatra and Elvis (the list goes on) had to start somewhere. For many of us that could mean playing small venues such as clubs and pubs, often to a lacklustre response. It is even more humbling to think that each of these megastars, at some point in their lives, sounded terrible. With that in mind, here is a run-down of some of the many Portsmouth locals who have found success with their music:

Cranes reputedly took their name from the many high cranes adorning the docks at Portsmouth, where the band was founded. With a career spanning over more than two decades, Cranes have forged a unique and ethereal sound, driven by lead singer Alison Shaw's distinctive vocals. They were able to self-finance their debut release 'Fuse' before signing to Dedicated Records in 1990 (it can be done). A real local band who we hope will visit again soon.

Ricky, a band consisting of members who were not called Ricky, were active from 2000-2006, and had a string of indie-hits including the novelty hit 'We Are England', which was released to coincide with the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Despite being practically cut-off by Universal Records in 2002, Ricky was able to keep going and produce some of their best work independently - another example of a band who refused to be put down by the big players.

Same Difference came to fame as runners up on TV show The X-Factor in 2007, in which despite coming under heavy criticism from the judges they were able to make it to third place. This quirky and upbeat duo had a string of hits after signing to Simon Cowell's record label Syco, before briefly signing to London Records in their final years of existence. The band split in December 2014, but they will always remain a fond memory of all of us here at Singing Lessons Portsmouth.

Simon Heartfield is widely known as an important figure in the world of electronic music, in which he was a genuine pioneer. He has worked with a number of acts based in Portsmouth and beyond, including Twelve 88 Cartel, The Psylons and Seatman Separator, as well as his own solo work. Not only a musician but also a DJ and record producer, Simon Heartfield has a formidable discography, with some of his work allegedly even being made into ringtone format. If you are into electronic music we would certainly recommend giving some of his work a listen.

Want to see your name here? A career in music is a long and often tumultuous journey, but never forget that each of the singers and bands on this page had to start out at the very bottom just like the rest of us. What got them where they are today is a combination of hard work and sheer commitment, and that is exactly what you need to succeed. Booking your first singing lesson with us here at Singing Lessons Portsmouth is the first step towards success, as we will provide you with the skills and expert advice that will give you an edge over the competition. Good luck.

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