Music Shops in Portsmouth

Find the best places in Portsmouth to buy music equipment.

To a musician there are few things more useful than a well-stocked and well-priced music shop. Whether you are a guitarist, drummer or singer, having the right kit is paramount to your ability to rehearse and perform.

Having someone who is knowledgeable about what kit is right for you, and who can help you make the right choices within your budget is the next most important thing. Here at Singing Lessons Portsmouth we have seen the best and we have seen the worst, so we want to help you to avoid making some of the same mistakes we did. Here is a run-down of our favourite music shops in Portsmouth - we would recommend you start here if you are new to the game:

Guitar Sound

Guitar Sound is a must for any guitarists or singer-songwriters out there. Their huge selection of guitars, amplifiers and effects will leave your head spinning. A great feature of their service is their price-match guarantee - so you get internet prices plus the security of an established store. Located at 1-2 St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7SJ, Guitar Sound is a little further out than the other stores on this page. If you can travel, however, we would certainly recommend a visit.

Courtney and Walker

Courtney and Walker is the go-to store for traditional instrumentalists. They stock a huge variety of instruments and equipment, from violins to trumpets and even digital pianos. Whilst not a shop for singers as such we know that many of you clever people play a range of instruments, so we thought that you should know about it. Courtney and Walker's showroom can be found at 52 Morelands Road, Waterlooville, PO7 5PS.

Guitar Centre

Located at 167-169 Highland Rd, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea PO4 9EZ. Guitar Centre was Established in August 2016 by Steve Wright, the former in house Guitar Technician at Southsea's PJ's Guitar Centre since the year 2000 until 2016, They aim to provide a wide range of guitars in different price ranges & they definately deliver on this promise. They have a wide ragne of electrics and acoustics as well as other instruments too.

Street Level

Street level is the best option is you are looking for a local style music store with staff who are also involved in the local music scene. They have a small range of guitars and other instruments but will always give you a great price as well as a top service. You can find the shop on 139 Albert Rd, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea PO5 2SQ.


Those are our personal favourites, but if you do find any other great music shops in and around Portsmouth then we would love to hear it. Just get in touch using the details at the top of this page. Remember, a music shop's job is to help you to make some important decisions, not just to take your money; so if you feel under pressure to make a certain purchase then we would advise walking straight out of there and going somewhere you trust. Whether you learn to sing with us or not we hope you find this page useful.

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